Rent a Surfboard

For surfing the local Beach Breaks
Air Manis Beach, 15 minutes by scooter, features some mellow beach breaks usually cleaned by an early morning off shore wind, perfect for beginners, rent one of our two nice longboards for 75.000 IDR per day.

For surfing the Mentawais Reef Breaks
There are some waves in Mentawais which allows longboarding, but only if the swell is not bigger than 3 feet, “Beng Bengs”, “Pitstops” and especially “Burgerworld” & “Good Times” in Playgrounds Area, “Telescopes” & “Icelands” in Tuapejat Area; we also rent a fish design board with a bit of volume, the perfect board to learn surfing the Mentawais hollow waves. 100.000 IDR per day.

  • Longboard
  • Longboard