New House, Padang

Enjoy our the interior garden

Working at New House Padang can turn to be exausting! Satria is practising his English with his Polish English Teacher, and I have to tell that he speaks a good English now, when we first started to work together he did not know speak any English, good job bro! Our Interior Garden, fresh and quiet offers the right atmosphere to do so ! We are a guest house, we are here to make you feel comfortable!

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Stunning sunsets at Padang beach

This is always what I say to our guests, don’t miss Padang Beach Sunsets! New House Padang is only 100 meters from a stunning show, from 6pm it’s often that the Sun ends up lighting the whole sky over the city in a red, pink, finally in purple! I have many pics of these sunsets on our Facebook Site New House Padang. I have been travelling quite a lot before settling down in Padang and always been a fan of

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