New House, Padang

The French Connection, chat & chill out!

Time for chatting a lot and chilling out … a lot as well! Ani from India went to the Mentawais to visit the Tribes, on her way back she got stuck at New House.. because of this charming group of French guests, Coralie & David who just wanted to chill out after their two weeks trip across Sumatra, Hugo back from surfing the Mentawais at Playgrounds on his way to Nias and Martine, the guest of the month , fascinated

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Refreshing day at the Waterfalls

Yes! You can’t miss these waterfalls! Rent a bike and day trek to the third level, this is an overflowing swimming pool better than any 5-stars hotel can offer, surrounded by the Jungle, a cool stream of clear and clean waters, refreshing I tell you! The view over the Bay is beautiful, this day trek will make your day, that’s for sure! Our good friend from Australia Qbone Kenobi experienced it and came back stunned, thanks to our very special

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Mentawai Surf Trip to Playgrounds

The lights are beautiful in the Mentawai Islands and the weather is changing all the time, we are sharing some fresh coconuts under a bright sun but a storm is coming! The combination leads to one of my favorite pic, this is Nyang Nyang Island right in the heart of the world famous surfing area called Playgrounds, home of our spanish Friends Paco & Ivan from Sabbit Mentawai Surf Camp, ever dreamed about such a dreamy surf trip to the

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Experiencing a real Mentawai Jungle Trek

Our French guests, Veronique, Jean Claude and Tim just came back amazed by their 5 days 4 nights experience to the Mentawai Tribes, at Rorougot, Siberut. That was just as they expected, Mentawai Tribes people are perpetuating their culture, surrounded by nature and spirits, authentic, instructive, even good food they said, all this thanks to our friendly guide and his family Members Aman Tiru & Teu Pangek.

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Together at New House Padang with two entertaining mates

Jair is on of the rare Mexican guys who manage to reach New House Padang so far, right on the other side of the world! Is this because he is some kind of a traveler? Yes! He works as an English teacher within the Hinuit Community north Canada! He has some crazy & very funny stories that me and my spanish mate Ivan from Sabbit Mentawai Surf Camp have been listening with a lot of interest!

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