New House, Padang

Come and chill out in Paradise !

Our new guest house Lances Surf Camp Katiet is nestled in a stunning turquoise pristine inlet as a front yard, endless white sandy beaches around, beautiful sunsets, friendly locals, good foods, take advantage of our cheap fares, come and relax in paradise!

Lances Surf Camp features a long house featuring 6 bedrooms, a bar/restaurant, a terrace and a relaxing garden mixing a refreshing lawn and white sand under coconut trees, you gonna disconnect from the reality!

Beaching all day long,  watching one of the best world wave breaking all day long, advanced surfers can’t stop riding this right hander barreling machine like, beginners can go on learning thanks to 2 gentle reef breaks at walking distance, walking along endless white sandy beaches, snorkeling on calm days, reefs are lively.

Riding scooters to the other side of the island where you’ll get stunned by a 3km white sandy (still so wild) beach, there is another little inconsistent little break accessible to beginners and two other world class waves, you cant get bored!








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